Thank you for choosing to nominate an individual, organization or business that advocated for individuals with disabilities. What a great way to say thank you and recognize their efforts in a public manner. Now in its 7th year, the Commitment to Community Awards recognize and honor the significant accomplishments of our honorees. This event applauds their commitment and provides visibility and recognition for their leadership and vision.  

Eligibility Criteria

We are seeking nominations of individuals, organizations or businesses that possess three or more of the following criteria:

  • Inspires others to get involved, takes responsibility, or assumes leadership roles to make positive changes for individuals with disabilities
  • Welcomes diversity of ability, age and culture
  • Encourages and educates others to the value of supporting and respecting individuals with disabilities
  • Impacts the lives of those with disabilities through positive actions
  • Is a proven leader who collaborates well with other groups
  • Seeks to accommodate and include all community members


 Nomination Guidelines

  • You may nominate one individual or organization per category.
  • Please, no self-nominations.
  • Individuals or organizations nominated in more than one award category may be considered under only the most fitting category, per the discretion of the awards selection committee.
  • Please make the nomination write ups as detailed as possible. 


 Nomination Process

To nominate an individual, organization or business, please fill out the nomination application and answer each question as specifically as you can about the business, organization or individual and their contributions or achievements. Pictures of individuals or projects are welcome with the submission.

Please view the past C2C Awards recipients prior to submitting a nomination form. Ensure that your nomination is written in a clear and concise manner, including specific examples. Testimonials from those who have been impacted by your nominees actions are always a great addition.  


Please submit nominations by September 30, 2018.



The Building Bridges award embodies inclusiveness. These nominees come alongside their neighbors to help develop inclusive communities. Their eyes and ears are always open looking for opportunities to improve communities. This award recognizes an individual, organization, or business that understands the value of inclusiveness in a community and works to enhance the individual perspective and contributions of all community members.


Great minds, brilliant ideas and the ability to see a problem and fix it! This award is all about accessibility. These are the individuals that challenge the status quo, don’t take no for an answer and advocate for those with disabilities. They are the ones fighting for accessible playgrounds, hotels, classrooms. They create apps, and deliver accessible supplies to third world countries.The Opening Doors award recognizes an individual, organization or business that has been instrumental in increasing opportunities for individuals with disabilities to access their community.


Working together to realize shared goals is the heart of the Plays Well With Others award. These nominees are forward thinkers that are always looking to create alliances and collaborate with others.  This award recognizes an individual, organization, or business that works to unite community organizations or individual stakeholders in order to improve the lives of those with disabilities.


Great people, great careers and the willingness to push past what’s “good enough” to “more than enough”- that is the heart behind the Lifetime Achievement Award! The Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes an individual who, through their exceptional work and achievements, has made a significant contribution to enriching the lives of individuals with disabilities. The recipient of this award embraces the values of inclusion, collaboration and advocacy.